Physician Billing Partners is Ready for ICD-10

Getting Ready:

A best practice in project management is to establish a project team consisting of a project lead/manager and project members. The project lead is responsible for the project team’s progress, provide resources, make timely decisions, and be an escalation point for project issues. The project lead should also manage communications within the practice and with vendors and partners (including PBP). PBP recommends that your project lead subscribe to the CMS ICD-10 newsletter to stay informed on recent developments.

ICD-10 Checklists
ICD-9 mapping to ICD-10 range of codes completed and analyzed
Physician/Provider ICD-10 training completed
Specialist code set ICD-10 training completed
All staff trained in ICD-10 completed
All Vendors and Payers identified and confirmed readiness for ICD-10 (e.g. McKesson, Office Ally, Relay Health).
Successful ECS (electronic claims submission) “Go Live” testing of ICD-9 and ICD-10 with ECH (Electronic Clearing House)
Vendor EHR (Electronic Health Record) testing of ICD-10 documentation and integration
Submit Pre-October DOS
Daily claims submission starting September 2014
Cash Reserve Established by October 2014

If you have any questions regarding ICD-10 transition please contact PBP.

Important Notes
• The CMS advise practices to budget for shortfall in receipts during the ICD-10 transition October 2014.
• ICD-9 codes can still be used for claims submitted after October 1st, 2014 but only for dates of service up to September 30th, 2014.
• Documentation must support ICD-10 diagnoses.
ICD-10 Milestones
April 2014
Upgrade your EHR (Electronic Health Records) for ICD-10 May 2014
Start “Go Live” testing with Payers and Partners through September 2014. October 1
Fully Transition to ICD-10 for Dates of Service October 1st onwards.