Top Drivers behind Todays Outsourcing of Medical Billing

* Accelerate reengineering benefits
* Access to world class capabilities
* Free resources for other purposes
* Difficult to manage or out of control
* Reduce risk

Rapid Process Improvement

In Addition to managing a business and all the complex processes involved such as human resource management, revenue cycle management, the core business model is medical clinical processes. Both processes require limited human and financial capital often creating conflict which is evidenced by reduced cashflow, patient dissatisfaction with quality of service etc. Outsourcing business processes such as revenue cycle management to Physician Billing Partners where this is a core competency provides immediate best practice to your practice resulting in greater profitability.

Access to world class capabilities

Physician Billing Partners make extensive investments in technology, methodologies, and people. We gain expertise by working with many clients facing similar challenges. This combination of specialization and expertise gives our customers a competitive advantage and helps them avoid the cost of chasing technology and training.

Increase productivity

Every business has limits on the resources available to it. Outsourcing permits a Practice to redirect its resources, most often people resources, from non core activities toward activities which serve the patient. The Practice can redirect these people or at least the staff slots they represent onto greater value adding activities. People whose energies are currently focused on billing can now be utilized elsewhere to grow your Practice.

Billing difficult to manage or out of control

Your revenue cycle process is out of control when your AR balances starts increasing and your cashflow starts decreasing. There are numerous underlying reasons for this situation including staffing issues, knowledge gap, backlog in work etc. Outsourcing to a billing company like Physician Billing Partners immediately addresses this very serious problem.

Reduce risk

Revenue cycle management is extremely important to all Practice Managers. Having billing functions assumed internally can create inconsistencies, this coupled with staff absenteeism and illness can result in your unpaid claims skyrocketing. Outsourcing with Physician Billing Partners mitigates this risk to your practice; your claims are always dealt with in a swift manner, giving you peace of mind that your revenue cycle is functioning at its optimum.